Established in 2016, the ShineMaker Fund at Marin Humane provides medical coverage and financial assistance for dogs in need of specialized medical treatment prior to adoption. The fund alleviates medical and adoption costs that may make adoption prohibitive, helping dogs of all breeds and ages to find their forever homes.

Read about the most recent beneficiary of the ShineMaker Fund @ Marin Humane below:

Patsy, the dog was surrendered by a couple whose lives had changed and they were travelling more than they were home so they wanted a better life for Patsy. She was adopted by a kind retired gentleman and, when he took her to the vet for her first check up a few days after adoption, the vet found a small tumor that turned out to be cancerous (this was no small feat given the location of the tumor).  The estimate for surgery was several thousand dollars and he didn’t know what to do since he is living on a fixed income.  This was at a time when one of our vets was out of town dealing with a death in the family, so doing it here wasn’t an option.

The ShineMaker Fund was utilized to drastically cut down Patsy’s vet bills, and then extended an offer to pay for half of the surgery. Jim (Patsy’s new owner) wrote the following letter:

April, 7, 2017 

Dear Shine Maker Foundation,

I wish to pass on a heartfelt thank-you all for both Patsy and myself for your kind and generous gift to help with her Vet bill due to finding some cancer after her first check-up at the vet.

Without your help I would have not known what to do. Just today I received a call from the Vet that the results came back and all the Cancer was removed and she will not need any other care with that issue.

I obtained pet insurance for her to cover such events but they denied my claim as a pre-existing. Now with this over all other costs will be covered.

From the day I adopted Patsy we have been together 24/7 as I am retired. She has become a star around town in Sausalito as we go for our daily walks. She has no lack of love and in return brings smiles to all who pass. At our coffee and treats each morning she has endless photos taken of her by all the locals and tourists.

One fan of hers from the Sausalito P.D. even posted a few photos of her on their Facebook page. 

From the bottom of my heart, to say Thank you seems so little to express my Thanks. However; that is the only words I can find.

Patsy (the dog) and Jim